Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Age Gap between Prophet Bushiri and his Wife Mary leaves Mzansi Speechless

Mary Bushiri is the wife to controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri .The couple have been going through a lot recently including the passing of their 8 year old daughter.

Today we are going to be revealing Mary Bushiris age .Her age has been hidden from the public for so long .Many suspected she was older than Bushiri because of her body .Bushiri is 38 years old and many people suspected Mary to be older than that .But see how old she actually is below.Shepherd Bushiri

Wow she is only 30 years old and turning 31 this year .Im sure many people are shocked by this as she looks old for someone who is only 30 years old .They only have 8 year age gap.

In Other News: Mzansi’s hottest teacher Lulu Menziwa serves tempting looks in the classroom – Photos

She has become one of the most followed and celebrated celeb in Mzansi. Of late she has been making all sorts of trends from hot steamy bikini looks to dirty revealing looks.Lulu-Menziwa3

Well, this time around South African s_exiest teacher Lulu Menziwa pulled a shocker when she did the unthinkable given the fact that she is...learn more

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