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Kwaito star Brickz’s girlfriend promises to stay Faithful

In the dating world many things can be deal-breakers…

Cheating, abuse, and dishonesty are some of the biggies.

But not even a jail sentence was (or still is) enough to stop Brickz‘s girlfriend from continuing their romance – despite the fact that he’ll probably be locked up for a very long time.

The musician was sentenced in 2017 to 15 years behind bars for the rape of a close family member. But his partner, who goes by the name of Cazo Cas, has pledged to stand by him through what she calls is “just a little phase”.

She told Drum magazine, “I feel like all relationships have their ups and downs and we’re just going through a downhill right now. I can’t leave him because times are hard right now. We’ve had beautiful times together so why should I leave him because he’s going through a dark phase?”


Cazo also vowed to stay committed whilst Brickz serves his time.

She added, “There were times when he’d go away for work, so I’m just handling this as if he’s gone away. I think I’m a strong person, it’s not like he has passed away. He’s still alive, he is still healthy, we talk, so it’s not like he’s never coming back…This is just a little phase we’re going through.”

And Cazo maintains Bricks is not a monster, despite being convicted of rape, “I was attracted to him because of his personality. He’s a very good person”.

She even claims she believed he was innocent of his crime after meeting him for the first time. Cazo claims prior to his sentencing, she confronted the rapper over the allegations.

“We ended up at an event together and that was the first time I met him face to face. I knew the case was going on so the first thing I asked him was, ‘Did you do it?’, and he said ‘no’. From the way he told me, I took his word for it..”

Will Cazo be reunited with her jailbird, ehm lovebird, anytime soon?

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Source: News365

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