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Bontle Modiselle tries her hand at singing gospel music – Video


Taking to Instagram, the choreographer whose husband raps shared a video of herself singing a gospel song.

From the caption shared, Bontle has had the talent for a long time, but reactions from people made her ghost the singing skill.

Bontle Modiselle
Bontle Modiselle

However, it appears she isn’t shy about it again, and she’s encouraged her fans to proud of who they are, without allowing anyone demean they skills.Bontle Modiselle

“What parts of yourself have you suppressed or hidden away because you were made to feel weird, unable or stupid expressing? How did you get in your own way? We allow ourselves to be crippled by what could but shouldn’t have control over us, but congratulations ahead of the day you decide to stop worrying or caring so much about what others think or feel about you. Throw that whole insecurity away! Be scared but do it anyway. Be brave. Be funny. Be silly/playful. Be creative. Be loud. Be you,” she captioned post.

Check out video

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