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Bontle Modiselle not happy with in-laws who control couples on their bedroom issues


Mzansi choreographer and dancer Bontle Moloi has spoken out against in-laws who get overly involved in matters of pregnancy.

It all began after a tweep, in a now-deleted tweet, discussed how a person’s in-laws wanted to get involved in their marriage because the couple have not had any children yet. This was also supposedly discussed with the whole family.

Bontle weighed in, telling the tweep that the issue is between the in-laws and the couple, not the entire family.

“Respectfully drink water and mind your business sis. If the in-laws have that great a problem, they must address the couple directly,” said Bontle.

The star went on to say that having children should boil down to the decisions of the couple, not the in-laws.

“And even so, it’s not for the in-laws to decide whether they have kids and when to have them. It remains a decision between the couple,” Bontle tweeted.

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