Saturday, September 18, 2021

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Bonang Matheba to introduce new bae soon

Queen B is currently living it up in New York City and serves hot content from time to time. Her fans have been growing suspicious of Bonang’s private life and they want to know more about her new mystery man – if he even exists.

On social media, Bonang Matheba teased that there is a new man in her life and her fans want to know more. The socialite and businesswoman promised to give her fans a sneak peek into her dating life. She tweeted a cryptic tweet about spoiling her person and that is what triggered her followers suspicions. She then wished her fans a lovely week ahead.Bonang Matheba

A fan asked her when will we get to see her new lover and she said she will be posting his knees very soon. Another asked if she is dating anyone and she responded with a GIF where she is winking at them.

So it is safe to say, Bonang does have someone in her life, it is only a matter of time until the Twitter detectives find the mystery person.

Bonang does not plan on having children anytime soon. She revealed in an interview on IG live with IOL that she still wants to enjoy the high life before she welcomes a baby into this world.

Her future does consist of having children but she still wants to enjoy partying, drinking alcohol and so forth. “My life right now I want to party, to enjoy my alcohol beverages, to go to nightclubs and party. I want to get on an Emirates plane at two o’clock in the morning and not stress anybody,” she said.

“I love children and I know as soon as I have a child everything is going to stop. I can’t have a child now because I am very selfish with myself and with my time. There are certain things that I want to do first and achieve before I bring someone into this world,” she opened up.


It is alleged that actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has been without electricity again and this time for a week.Enhle Mbali

City Press reports that the actress has once again failed to pay the electricity bill, leaving her and her family in the dark. But the actress and her mother have hit back at those “false” claims. For a second there Mzansi was convinced that Enhle Mbali’s electricity woes. Learn more


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