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Rapper Boity Reacts To Being Called ‘Fat’

Boity Thulo

Designer Quiteria found himself in some major trouble following the claims made by Lesego Tlhabi, affectionately known as Coconut Kelz. The comedian and presenter accuses the designers for fat shaming her when she wanted to try out their dresses.

Body shaming once again gains the spotlight and as always voluptuous women are the ones getting criticised.Boity Thulo1

Lesego narrates her story with devastation as the designer embarrassed her in front of his clients during a dress fitting claiming that he called her “fatty boom boom.”

“So today I went to a famous designer who was told my sizes way beforehand because it’s for TV. Does he not then declare very loudly in the store after a failed try-on that he has nothing for me and then uses words like “fatty boom boom” to describe how I’d look in the designs.

“Actually nah. It’s Quiteria and George. What happens from there is above me. It was shit shit shit. If I lose this opportunity, I lose it. I will never ever wear something from there. And it was “Q” himself,” she said.

Defending himself, Quiteria said he never called her fat so he will not apologise for using such words. He even fat shamed other celebrities including Terry Pheto, rapper Boity Thulo and Dineo Langa.

Boity’s reaction to the whole drama is one that was expected. She posted a GIF questioning why was she mentioned? “now why am I in it?”

Many celebrities have voiced out their anger towards the designers, including model Thickleeyonce who has been a victim of body shaming countless times.

“This whole Quiteria thing is so frustrating. Fat phobia still reigns supreme in our local fashion industry. I hope Lesego is okay and I’m glad she shared her experience cos it really be like that” she wrote.

Thickleeyonce had to recently fight off trolls who attacked her for wanting to eat junk food. It all started when Thicklee tweeted about waiting for the pizza place to open. Then a woman came at her sideways, “Baby girl, how about gym? I mean come on. Too early for junk. We are thick and all also but should at least try and promote healthy lifestyles. Not to get skinny but to be healthier!”

She clapped back by saying tweeps should worry about their own health and not hers.

“I see skinny people tweeting about eating KFC for breakfast , no one will say anything about their health, but let me talk about craving chocolate at 8am, then everyone is a doctor who’s worried about my health. Please. Gtfoh.

“You don’t care about fat people’s well-being, you just want to police our bodies and mask your fatphobia as “concern” for our health. Just stop,” she said.


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