Friday, January 21, 2022

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Black Coffee’s song Inkodlo Kamashimane, featured in the new Matrix movie

Black Coffee is a veteran in the music industry, he is even the richest musician in Africa. Even with such huge success, he is still chasing big dreams. He just received the best surprise for his career going forth.Black Coffee

The DJ recently went online to share with his fans that his song, Inkodlo Kamashimane, was featured in the new Matrix movie. The movie is one of Hollywood’s biggest and most successful movie franchises yet, so the whole world will get a chance to experience his song through the film.

But perhaps the most heartwarming thing about his big win is the story behind the selected song. According to Black Coffee, he wrote the song for his father who died seven years ago. It must feel like it was some divine intervention, with his father smiling down on him.

Despite being recognised as a legendary musician in at least three continents, Black Coffee has not had such an opportunity before in his career. He has mostly stuck to playing gigs and releasing albums, but now it looks like his horizons are expanding even more.


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