Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Moja Love presenter Bishop Makamu breaks silence – I was just kidding

After he has been on top of the trend list following the leaking of his telephonic conversation between him and a church member, Moja Love‘s Rea Tsotella presenter Bishop I Makamu has broken the silence about the whole issue and he pleads to be innocent.

According to Zalebs, Makamu has denied that on the voice recording he was asking for a ‘cookie’, he actually said he was just playing around and he had not alteria motives.

He maintains that he was asking the congregant if she will give him keys to the office at church, nothing less, nothing more.

“I understand that it sounds wrong, but I was just being playful. It kind of went too far, but I’d never ask for sex from any of my employees or congregation. I’d never do such a despicable thing. I love my wife and would never embarrass her by doing what I’m being accused of,” the Bishop says, who then adds his image is being tainted by such vile claims,” the publication reports.

Makamu have since ‘stepped aside’ from his Moja Love duties according to the statement released by the channel on Tuesday afternoon.

In Other News: Drama as electricity cut off at Enhle Mbali’s house where she is staying with kids after failing to pay, Black Coffee exposed

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