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Single And Mingle: Nathan’s big ANACONDA breaks the internet


Today’s 2nd episode its not a date but an Interview appointment. Nathan came with a whole list of questions for his date. Damn I thought I was awkward on dates but damn this dude is too much.

He said he was late because he was doing push-ups, knowing very well that he is late because of putting on makeup. Sometimes I think the people who go on this show are not serious. When he said I was busy with push ups that’s a turn off. I mean who cares if you worked out or not.SINLE AND MINGLE

His so romantic he showed many gents how it done on the First date, he bought her a necklace first time they met. Sis was emotional, she thought she was getting engaged. The necklace gift felt like a proposal for Portia Mudau.

When you ask ladies what’s your ideal man? Majority of them will say things like. Tall, Dark and Handsome, some will even add with six figures. My question is, who will marry the Short ones?

I’m honestly here for these new effects and shade thrown on the show. When did this start happening? I need to start wearing my spectacles full time.I need respect based on my English

In Other News: PHOTO – Lasizwe all lovey-dovey with alleged new bae

Lasizwe keeps causing confusion on social media as he shares picture of men or should we say a particular guy but has refused to show his face.Lasizwe

Recently, the star went on two dinner dates with two different men. One of which was Mr Smeg while the other’s name is yet to...learn more