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Criselda Kanada believed her first child would get her out of poverty

In light of her graduation day which can’t be held due to the coronavirus pandemic, media personality, author and now qualified doctor Criselda Kananda shared what it took to get to where she is today. Having had God intervene in her life to make her path a bit clearer, Criselda went down memory lane to her troubled childhood, when she thought having a child would get her out of poverty. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the media personality wrote, “Having had an unstable childhood, I was very young when I had my first child believing that would be my way out of poverty.

My circumstances changed as I grew older, been through so many hardships that turned out to be my many blessings including my daughters. Criselda explained that as a single mom, she dedicated her life to ensuring that her daughters never experienced what she had to endure.

“I became a self-thought scholar who never stopped questioning, learning and teaching. My dream was to one day go back to school and become a doctor of something.” Criselda added that she had been studying for a long time due to financial issues and prioritising her daughters, but was grateful to have finally finished her qualification. Currently studying a bachelor of human ecology and communications science for the longest time due to financial constraints. I chose to invest in my daughters’ education and park my dream.

“Then boom, way maker, promise keeper, miracle worker, light in the darkness My God, decided that through my acts of service I will become a doctor. Criselda said while she was not able to celebrate with other graduates, she would still have her own graduation to celebrate herself.

In Other News – AKA regrets swearing at Casspers parents – “it was a mistake”

Rapper AKA regrets hurling insults at rival Cassper Nyovest’s parents, saying that in the heat of the moment he got carried away but would like to put the incident behind him. Among everything that’s happened during the five-year-long beef between the rappers, AKA insulting Cassper’s parents on Twitter has been the one thing most fans and industry peers have not been able to “get over”. Speaking to Slikour in an Instagram Live interview, AKA said it was a mistake.


“I f**ken make mistakes. I f**k, I say things sometimes that I shouldn’t say,” he began. continue reading


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