Friday, October 15, 2021

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Ayanda Thabethe’s Serves Fashion Goals – Video

Ayanda Thabethe is looking all glammed up as she steps out to host the South African Style Awards 2020. The star announced a few days ago that she will be the host for this year’s award.

The star revealed that she has being a previous recipient of the prestigious award and she is really happy to be the host for this year. In her post, Ayanda looks really gorgeous and sexy. She captioned: “A stylish welcome to the #SAStyleAwards2020 … Host with the Most …”

In Other News: Strange As For The First Time Men Shy Away From Touching Zodwa During Performance – Video

Zodwa Wabantu is back on the road doing what she does best; providing entertainment while showcasing what body positivity is. But the latest post of her recent appearance revealed something peculiar with the “normal” male audience that Zodwa usually shares on her social media. It seems that men now know better than to go around touching the star willy-nilly.

Zodwa Wabantu

If you have followed Zodwa long enough, it is a known fact that star is has never had a problem with audiences that are not...learn more

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