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Ayanda Borotho on how her Isibaya role influenced her view on marriage

Ayanda Borotho has a very strong opinion on marriage that is very different to many – Playing her role in Isibaya taught Ayanda things about marriage that she never knew before – Taking to social media, Ayanda shared some of her views. Ayanda Borotho has a strong opinion about the union of marriage and the misconstrued perception that exists these days. Playing a character in a movie or TV series surely will have some impact on one’s personal life. Ayanda took time out to find her true self and at the same time pondered on just what her character on Isibaya had taught her.

Ayanda wrote that playing this role for seven years, she gained insight into the fact that no one is immune to systematic patriarchy in the society we live in today. It showed her the impact marriage has on women once they have entered into wedlock. She was able to draw various parallels from the character she played and those of her own life and write about them. Even though patriarchy is in many women’s lives, a marriage should not condone enslavement of any shape or form!

Ayanda Borotho

A bond in marriage should be one of safety and a place where two people are able to grow and be the best version of themselves, at the same time honouring each other. Ayanda has recently released her book, entitled Unbecoming to Become, where she talks about finding the normality within relationships in order for them to work, especially marriage and work. She points out in her book that should marriage be in trouble, divorce is not always the best option, unless of course if there is physical, emotional or mental abuse. She says that people, relationships and marriages all evolve and we are able to find a new normal, that is if it is worth it.

Source: News365

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