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Another murder is reported this week on Uzalo

Here’s what’s coming up on ‘Uzalo’ this week.
Monday December 30

When another murder is reported, many of the women opt to stay locked at home. Sibonelo struggles to come to terms with Khehla and Nonka’s burgeoning romance. Sbu proposes to Fikile with a stolen ring.

Tuesday December 31

Khathaza finds a way to keep MaNgcobo from the police. Qhabanga’s prayer works when Gabisile overhears it, and Fikile makes a huge decision regarding her relationship with Sbu.


Wednesday January 1

MaNgcobo decides Khathaza’s fate. Khehla can’t help being jealous, and Fikile’s pride won’t let her change her mind.

Thursday January 2

Nkunzi’s attempt to get MaNgcobo back is thwarted. Gabisile has to think on her feet when Sbu almost gets her and Khehla into trouble. Fikile gets back on the horse.

Friday January 3

Nkunzi’s women learn why he’s in a foul mood. Nonka makes a big decision regarding her relationship with Khehla, and Sbu’s attempt to make Fikile jealous fails miserably.

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