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‘Anele was a sacrificial lamb, they serve the underworld’ – Prophetess reveal


Two weeks before Anele’s tragic death, Aka took to twitter to post pictures of his and his fiance’s family of the lobola negotiations and we loved to see it.

Many tweeps congratulated and wished them a life-long healthy relationship but there was one comment in particular that 2 weeks later became even more visible than it was after it was posted. At first tweeps just ruled it out as jealousy until Anele lost her life.

A certain Preshie who’s said to be a seer commented that the relationship will not last because both Anele and AKA are of the dark world. Some said that she was a fan of AKA and DJ Zinhle’s relationship which is why she was against their relationship.

Anele was allegedly offered as a sacrifice to the dark world by her fiance. She is allegedly now just a demon in this darkworld and is probably working to bring AKA more fame and wealth.She further went on to say that the lobola negotiations shouldn’t have even happened in the first place which is why this happened, however as always there is no proof of this so for all we know this could just be nothing but a book of lies but the world is so messed up this could also be nothing but the truth.Whatever it is I pray she rests well.

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