Thursday, January 20, 2022

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Andile Mpisane under fire for buying his new Wife fake Gucci – Photo

Just when the heat was dying down from being called out for proposing to a new girlfriend who’s not the mother of his daughter, Andile Mpisane is yet again on the spotlight.

This time, he’s accused of introducing his new girlfriend to the fake Gucci family.

For quite sometime now, Andile and his mom, Shawn ‘Mam’khize’ Mkhize have been accused of wearing fake designer clothes.

Fake Gucci community

The rich family have featured countless times on a new viral Instagram page whose main mandate is to expose SA celebrities for allegedly wearing fake designer clothes – Gucci in particular.

The page is called “Fake Gucci community” page.

The family’s new daughter-inlaw Tamia Louw was recently exposed by the page which claims she wore a ‘never been made before’ jacket with Gucci prints.

‘Newly wed I see “his and hers” vibe with the husband, unfortunately not everything is real. The jacket @tamia_mpisane is wearing is a “Never been made before”. My sources reveal it’s not part of the original Gucci collection. Welcome to the family 🙏🏾,’ the page claimed.

Tamia and her husband-to-be Andile raised eyebrows last week with snaps of their engagement party.

What shocked netizens was that Andile recently bought his babymama Sithelo a brand new BMW M4 series car as a present. Many assumed the two were still together. But to their surprise, Andile proposed to a new girlfriend now known as Tamia Mpisane.

In other news – Mzansi women shoot their shot at a fatigued Sir Trill

Amapiano star Sir Trill has admitted to feeling very fatigued that he needs to take some time off to reset. It’s kind of weird that a popular artist such as Sir Trill would want to take a break during the festive season, which is the time where people get the most bookings.

Sir Trill

Taking to social media, Sir Trill announced that he will be taking a break from attending gigs and apologised to the ones he was already booked for. LEARN MORE

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