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Amanda Du Pont and Greenpeace vow to protect our oceans

Amanda Du Pont has embarked on her latest journey, but this time she’s not jetting off to exotic islands or picturesque cities. The actress is using her platform to educate the world on how to protect our oceans. Being a celebrity comes with many responsibilities, and one of those is usually to stand up for a cause you believe in. This week Amanda announced that she had just become an ambassador for international NGO Greenpeace Africa. Greenpeace is a non-profit organisation that uses creative and confrontational means to expose environmental threats around the world.

Amanda Du Pont

Upon announcing her brand new role with the NGO, Amanda explained that she was especially keen to work with the organisation on a number of ways in which they could protect our oceans. She wrote on social media, “The Ocean is where I find peace and rejuvenate my soul. It breaks my heart to know that this spiritual sanctuary is in danger! Due to overfishing, plastic pollution, climate change and deep sea mining exploration our oceans are in trouble and need our help. I’ve partnered with @greenpeace @greenpeaceafrica as an ocean ambassador!”

The Shadow star immediately made her way to Mount Verma where she took part in a number of research sessions with the Greenpeace team:
After overcoming a bout of sea-sickness, Amanda helped gather samples of ocean water which would go on to be tested for microplastics before determining the levels of pollution in the ocean.

She was beaming as she recalled the experience on social media before thanking her teammates when she wrote, “It’s been an honour to be a part of this mission! This for me is the stuff that matters?? let’s protect our oceans and planet with more conscious living where you can. Life on the ship has impacted my outlook on life so much. To the boat crew and people who dedicate their lives to saving our future ♥️♥️♥️??you have taught me valuable life lessons.

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