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AKA throws Nigerians under the bus again

Nigerians have tagged rap mogul AKA as a xenophobic character over his social media brawl with Burna Boy, which he appeared to win since the Nigerian singer did not get to perform in the Republic.

AKA throws Nigerians under the bus again
Cardi B, had a splendid 4 days in Nigeria last week and from there headed to Ghana. A Nigerian, made a case of how AKA is going to receive Cardi B if she came to South Africa. He wrote, “Cardi B went to Nigeria, met their celebrities and sealed off music deals Cardi B went to Ghana, ate Ghana Jollof and started purging. I pray she doesn’t go to South Africa, who will she meet? A.K.A? That guy wouldn’t mind asking Cardi B to way bill bleaching cream to him.


AKA in his brutal form clapped back by reminding him that South Africa once held the World Cup.

Source: News365

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