AKA claims he spent R5m on his TV app

AKA claims he spent R5m on his TV app. Local rapper AKA has revealed that he has spent R5 million on production for AKA TV which debuted on Friday, May 8.

The “Fela In Versace” rapper made it onto 5FM’s “The Instaview” with Ms. Cosmo and shared more about the new app he launched. During the interview, Supa Mega shared that his subscription app had been in the works even before the coronavirus pandemic hit.


Furthermore, AKA shared that the app is for his stans who buy his albums and concert tickets, and not too casual fans, stating that to him they don’t matter. Speaking on the production, the “Baddest” rapper said: “So I’ve got the different pillars. So you’ve gonna have ‘The Supa Mega Show’ which is one show from the channel, which is my live performance every week.


“After that, we’ve got another show that we’re launching. I can’t give you the name of the show right now. But it’s more like… obviously because of lockdown restrictions we can’t actually physically go interview people, but that was another idea we had. We’ve spent about R5-million on this show. So it’s actual TV production”.

Talking to platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, AKA said while he’d still be using them, they will no longer be where he does things such as live performances and snippets of new music, but that his Twitter rants won’t be going anywhere.

Speaking about his new album, Supa Mega said he has 20 to 30 songs that are ready to be released. However, the new album will have 10 tracks.

Watch the interview below:


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