AKA and Cassper to perform on same stage on Friday the 13th

AKA and Cassper will be performing at an event titled “Hip Hop Heaven” at the Cabo Beach Club in Cape Town on Friday 13 May.

The Tears Run Dry announced the unexpected news in a tweet. Sharing posters baring his and Cass’s face, he tweeted: “Promoters think they slick lol …. Aight then, well played”.

Cassper has yet to mention the gig on his own social media accounts.

And tweeps were just as surprised at the duo, who have a long history of feuding. To add insult to injury, AKA is dating female rapper Nadia Nakai, who was once signed to Cassper’s music label Family Tree.

It’s not the first time AKA and Cassper have performed at the same event in recent weeks. Last month, the hitmakers shared the same stage at the Cotton Fest in Newton, Johannesburg, albeit on different days.

Whilst Cassper performed to a rocking crowd on Saturday night, AKA brought out the big guns on Sunday – along with fellow rapper Da L.E.S.

But like all their career moves, their performances were pitted against each other.

Whilst many tweeps praised Cassper for an electric performance, others claim the crowd were “bored” during AKA’s performance.

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