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Adora Speaks About her journey Into TV Presenting And Her NAMA Nods

Adora Speaks About her journey Into TV Presenting And Her NAMA Nods. Multifaceted Namibian songstress turned TV host, Adora Kisting, is really the epitome of ‘hard work pays off’. Homegirl has managed to capture the hearts of many with her incredible vocals since she rose to stardom.

Adora has cut her teeth in numerous avenues of the Arts and she is leaving no stone unturned. She keeps on exploring her talents.

Speaking to NAlebrity, Adora who hails from Okohandja said, her music career started in primary school and, she was very lucky because she grew around musicians in her family.

“The fondest childhood memories always involve my family. I remember being a toddler always going to choir rehearsals with my father. My dad was a very active youth leader and taught music to many. I grew up amongst musicians and that’s what I remember most.”

Adora said her career in the limelight started off as a musician full-time and now, she has ventured into television presenting. Homegirl is the host one of Namibian coolest and freshest music show, Die Eintllike Vibe.

The entertainment show, features numerous interviews with artists and has become a fan-favorite for many Namibians. It is a platform to showcase local talent in the country.

The musician said it has been very exciting to host it and she has grown in leaps and bounds from hosting it “I have to do research on every artist and really spend time to get to know each artist individually. All the information I gathered helped me structure each show with the questions uniquely distinct to each artist and their work of art. I grew from season one to two significantly and I can feel how much I’ve improved.”

Adora who bagged nominations, at the 2020 Namibian Music Awards with Jayde said, they aim to win this year “This year we wish to scoop some awards at the NAMAs. I’m really excited about the growth of the Namibian Music Industry and, I cant wait to see things getting better for musicians and artists. Definitely going to start working on my new album which has seen a live recording of my new single called Sida di xun featuring The Hotpocket Band.”

“I think its both changing for the good and the bad. Its a very unfortunate thing to know that our music doesn’t get as much support from tastemakers (Radios, TVs, Bloggers, etc). There is a very big barrier between the 3 most important components in the strong music industry. Those are namely tastemakers, artists and the receivers. Tastemakers have a very big influence on how far local music can actually go. On the other hand, the new talent coming into the music scene are coming in with fresh and innovative ways to make their presence felt. That kind of competition is very very important for growth.”

Adora says the television industry is not growing fast enough and she hopes for more growth.

“I think one step at a time is not fast enough. I wish for the TV industry to grow a little faster. Visuals always had a great impact on getting the message out there and reaching the relevant audiences. I wish to see more local channels and local content getting slots on TV”


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Speaking about exploitation and renewing the same faces on TV and whether creatives are paid what the deserve she said “I don’t think so. The curve between the highest-paid artists and the ones on the lower end is very wide. There are different reasons why that’s the case. Alot of artists worked very very hard to maintain a certain consistency which earned them a spot in the higher-earning grade, for other sometimes its favouritism and other times its also just lack of consistency. I feel like there’s alot we need to change before we can all really get what we deserve as creatives. for now, we gotta put in a lot of work to earn the big bucks and we have to do it together.”


Adora said season 2 of Die Eintllike Vibe is coming soon. She said she using this lockdown period to also engage with artists from the African continent to allow herself to spread her wings in other countries “I am engaging a few artists from other countries in a live video chat every Wednesday evening and Saturday evenings at 18hoo on my Instagram. That is just the beginning of greater things. I want to explore the different markets and see if I can earn my spot in those industries.”

Adora recently created some of her old songs with the hot pocket band and her latest song called Sida Di Xun is also out.


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