Home Celebrity Buzz Adele shows off 44kg weight loss – pictures

Adele shows off 44kg weight loss – pictures


Adele shows off 44kg weight loss – pictures

The “Someone Like You” hitmaker wowed with her 44kg weight loss in the photograph, where she knelt under the television which was showing Beyoncé‘s “Black Is King” visual album.

Taking to photo-sharing site Instagram, she wrote: “Thank you, Queen, for always making us all feel so loved through your art (sic)”


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Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art ♥️♥️

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It had previously been claimed that Beyoncé and Adele had “bonded” over their weight loss journeys and sharing fitness tips.

A source said: “Beyoncé is Adele’s ultimate icon and they bonded over their weight loss journeys.

“She has helped her with her own fitness tips, as well as giving her a different outlook on it all, by teaching her to enjoy the work that she’s putting in. The Oscars were her incentive to work hard, so she could show off the amazing results.”

Meanwhile, Adele’s former trainer Pete Geracimo previously insisted she never wanted to get “super skinny”.

He wrote: “As Adele’s former London-based personal trainer, it’s disheartening to read negative commentary and fat-phobic accusations questioning the genuineness of her amazing weight loss.

“In my personal experience of working with her through many highs and lows, she always marched to the beat of her own drum on her own terms.

“She never undermined her God-given talent in any way. She let her incredible voice do the talking, or should I say singing!

“She never once pretended to be something that she wasn’t. What you saw was what you got. And we all LOVED it!

“When Adele and I started our journey together, it was never about getting super skinny.“It was about getting her healthy. Especially post-pregnancy and post-surgery.

“When 25 dropped and the tour announced, we had to get ready for a 13-month grueling schedule.“At that time, she warmed to training and made better food choices.

“As a result, she lost considerable weight and people took notice. Her body transformation was splashed across every media outlet.

“The attention it generated was mind-blowing.”


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