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Interesting things you did not know about actress Bonnie Mbuli

Bonnie Mbuli didn’t get to where she is today by luck. Yes, she had a few lucky moments, but it was the hard work that followed which turned every moment thereafter into a blessing.  Bonnie’s inspiring autobiography, Eyebags & Dimples, dropped and changed lives. Bonnie shared all the moments that defined, impacted and shaped her life into what it is today.

Bonnie turned a single lucky moment into an unbreakable career, Bonnie told her story through her autobiography, Eyebags & Dimples . Taking to social media, Bonnie shared a snap of the bus stop where her life changed forever

Bonnie is one of the most successful celebrities who never settle for less in their choices. Besides, she is a strong family woman who is always protecting her family. The actress is now a radio and television presenter, and she has progressively built her name on high-stream social media platforms.

actress Bonnie Mbuli


Taking to social media, Bonnie shared a picture of herself standing in front of a bus stop. In the caption, she explained that if you have read her book, then you will understand how much this bus stop meant to her and what a huge turning point in her life it marks.

It was at this bus stop that Bonnie was scouted by her first agent Deirdre Smerczak, just over 27 years ago. This is the bus stop where Bonnie’s life changed forever. Looking at how something as insignificant as a bus stop can be so significant to someone else, it’s truly inspiring!

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Pearl Thusi

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