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Actress Buhle Samuels slams SA’s Covid-19 response


Actress Buhle Samuels slams SA’s Covid-19 response

The star took to Twitter this week to criticise the government’s response to the pandemic, which has left the vulnerable still needing to go out and collect grants.

Actress Buhle Samuels has shared her heartbreak at seeing social grant recipients line up in groups to collect their money when they should be at home, trying to stay safe from Covid-19.

Buhle Samuels
Buhle Samuels

“It hurts me to see people lined up at the post office for their grants. I wish there was a better solution to the problem,” she said.

She added that the struggles of many South Africans just keep getting worse, with little remedy from those in power.Buhle Samuels

“Our people just have suffering upon suffering.”

She suggested that perhaps the government should pay the grants into a recipient’s bank account, and those who receive their payments at the post office on different days

Buhle has been vocal about the government’s response to the pandemic throughout the Covid-19 crisis.
In March, the former Muvhango actress offered to e-wallet R2,000 to people in need, including to some of the elderly unable to fetch their grants.

“Let us help our elderly. I also encourage others to also take on this task to help. A small deed goes a long way. Sometimes we can’t do big things but the small things help too!” said Buhle.

The star also laid bare her thoughts on the coronavirus a few months ago, asking what we can all learn from the pandemic.

“I’m wondering about what we can take away from this virus. Do we actually need to go to offices to work? Of course some professions do but some are operating fine. Is it necessary to have people stuck in traffic stressed out and anxious? Can’t bosses come up with a more flexible way?” she asked.


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