Thursday, June 24, 2021

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A brewery in trouble for naming a beer after pubic hair 

A brewery in trouble for naming a beer after pubic hair 

Hell’s Basement Brewery in Alberta, Canada, has found itself the unwitting butt of jokes after it mistakenly named one of its beers after a Maori word that is commonly used to describe pubic hair.

The Canadian brewery said it released its Huruhuru pale ale two years ago, thinking it meant “feather”, BBC reported.

Unfortunately, this was not the exact meaning.

Taking to Facebook, Maori TV personality Te Hamua Nikora pointed this fact out in a video, resulting in the brewery issuing an apology and rebranding their product.
“We acknowledge that we did not consider the commonplace use of the term huruhuru as a reference to pubic hair, and that consultation with a Maori representative would have been a better reference than online dictionaries,” Hell’s Basement’s Mike Patriquin told CBC.

We wish to make especially clear that it was not our intent to infringe upon, appropriate, or offend the Maori culture or people in any way; to those who feel disrespected, we apologise.”

The Maori word seems to be a favourite. Nikora called out another brand, a leather store in New Zealand, for using the name.

“Some people call it appreciation, I call it appropriation,” he said.

“It’s that entitlement disease they’ve got. Stop it. Use your own language.”


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